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HLTV Program #153 – Travel, Food and the Spotlight

HLTV Program #153 – Travel, Food and the Spotlight

Script from Hispanic Lifestyle Program #153

Travel, Food and Latinos in the Spotlight

Welcome to Hispanic Lifestyle, I’m your host Richard Sandoval and in this edition:

We continue our travels around California, and hear some great stories. Food, travel and Latinos in the spotlight, are featured in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.

Segment: Cambria Pines Lodge

Hispanic Lifestyle continues on trip along the Pacific Coast Highway and stop at the Historic Cambria Pines Lodge in Cambria California. Built in 1927 the Lodge is only a few mintues away from San Simeon and Hearst Castle.

To tell us more about the facility that is located almost in the middle of the state, is their General Manager Becky Evans.

The Lodge reminds me of those you would find in upstate New York. I asked Ms. Evans if that was by designed?

We finished our conversation with Becky by asking if there were any insights she would like to share about the lodge.

Segment: Creekside Garden Cafe

Right in middle of Downtown Cambria you will find Creekside Gardens Cafe. This family owned restaurant came highly recommend by the city’s Chamber of Commerce so we felt we had to stop by and experience first hand  their menu.

In addition to the food, we found a great story.  We were fortunate to have the owner of the cafe, Ramon (De Alba) share his story of how he went from bus boy to business owner.

Ramon goes on to talk about the challenges of transitioning from employee to owner.

Of course we had ask Ramon about the Cafe’s big sellers on the menu.

I asked Ramon, if had to choose another place to live and start a business would he still have pick Cambria.

My favorite item on the menu hands down the Appricot French Toast. This dish alone is a reason to visit Cambria.

Segment: Orange County Fair

Orange County Fair

It was county fair time during our California trip and we found ourselves at the Orange County Fair. It had been several years since my last visit to a fair, so we were on the look out for a unique and interesting story. There it was the Bee Club of Orange County. We took the opportunity to speak with one of their members Elena about the organziation and why she decide to volunteer her time.

We continued to walked around fairgrounds and visit various exhibits. In the live stock area we came across a sow who had just given birth to over 12 piglets.

Known for rides and food it was time sample Mariscos from one Fairs award winning food vendors. We meet their owner Jose, who food service company is based in Fresno, California.  Jose talks about why he has traveled up and down the state for over 6 years setting up at various county fairs.

Segment: Imagen Awards Backstage

Hispanic Lifestyle was backstage at an awards program and caught up with actress Lisa Vidal who is featured in the new series “The Event”. Lisa spoke about the series and how she has prepared for role as the first lady.

** Lisa spoke about her nomination for the film “Dark Mirror”.

We then had a chance to speak with the Director of Award winning film La Mission. Peter Brat spoke about receiving recognition for his effort and the premise of the film.

**  The production team spoke about next step in La Mission life cycle, and what projects lye in their future.

**  Seven time Imagen Award Nominee, Actor Danny Pino shared he thoughts on receiving recognition from his peers.


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