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HLTV Program #152 – Wine, Food and Baseball

HLTV Program #152 – Wine, Food and Baseball


In this edition, we travel around California to taste a little wine, take in a ballgame and eat some food.

Its a California Experience,in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.

SEGMENT: Ceja Vineyards

Hispanic Lifestyle begins a series visiting California Latinos who inspire us with stories of their struggles and successes. Our journey begins as we traveled along the Pacific coast highway on our way to the Napa Valley.

Our first stop is Ceja Vineyards tasting room which is located in downtown Napa. We had an opportunity to meet with their president Amelia Ceja who shared the background of the family owned and operated winery.

The family had built a lucrative business supplying grapes to other wineries, so I asked why it was important for the Ceja Family to have their own label.

Our conversation turned Amelia talking about Ceja’s commitment to supporting community organizations and causes.

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SEGMENT: Wine Tasting, a Ceja Tasting Salon

Next we meet, Amelia daughter, Dalia who heads up the marketing efforts for many of the families enterprises.

SEGMENT: For the Fun of the Game . . . Pablo Sandoval

We take a break from Napa to visit with San Francisco Giant‘s Infielder Pablo Sandoval. At the time the Giants were in the middle of a pennate race. so we asked Pablo about his feelings on the Dodger, Giant rivalry.

Pablo spoke about his routine in preparation for game time.

A true fan of the game, Pablo talks about his baseball role models.

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SEGMENT: The Birth of a Restaurant

Returning to Napa, we visit a brand new restaurant also owned by the Ceja family, Bistro Sabor. Ariel co-owner (and the general manager at Ceja Vineyards)describes how this restaurant will stand out among the other eateries in the region.

Ariel gives us details about the food items offered on the menu.

Moving forward, these are exciting times for the new restaurant. Ariel talks about marketing building a clientele.

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Special to Hispanic Lifestyle

Ceviche De Salmón

Suggested Wine Pairing: Ceja Carneros Chardonnay and Ceja Carneros Pinot Noir

Ceviche is a raw seafood dish that has been “cooked” in citrus (usually lime) juice. This citrus marinade firms up the fish and gives it a solid coloration. These details make it a very different dish from raw sushi. Many people feel safer eating ceviche, as its citrus preparation is believed to kill any diseases carried by fish.

Ceviche recipes vary widely depending on the seafood and accessories available in the area. Some ceviches are packed with full-bodied octopus and dogfish; others are lighter with the more delicate scallops and baby shrimp. The seafood is often paired with flavorful chiles and fresh herbs. The long marinade period blends the tastes together.

Ceviche is best made with extremely fresh fish. However, if you cannot access the best fresh fish, choose fresh frozen seafood for your ceviche. Below is our favorite recipe:


  • 2 pounds salmon steaks
  • 3 cups fresh lime juice
  • Finely chopped serrano peppers (from 1 to 6)
  • 3 scallions finely chopped
  • 2 skinned, cubed tomatoes
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon white ground pepper
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Chopped cilantro & lime wedges
  • Glass casserole dish

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