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HLTV Episode #195 – Latinas of Influence Part I

HLTV Episode #195 – Latinas of Influence Part I

Hispanic Lifestyle’s episode number 195 features part I our 2013 Latinas of Influence listing.  The following  Latinas of Influence are featured in this episode :

The Selection Process
During the months of December 2012 and part of January 2013, Hispanic Lifestyle reached out to our audience and requested nominations for Latinas of Influence. Four categories were outlined, business, community service, education and entertainment. From the responses we received, we choose 31 Latinas, one for each day of Women’s History month to be highlighted. These Latinas are singled out because of their professional accomplishments and community service. Several of the Latinas appearing on our list have previously appeared on our television program as a result of their personal and professional achievements.

Exclusive photos of the Latinas of Influence taken by Richard Sandoval, with the support of Calumet Photo
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Here is the entire listing

Hispanic Lifestyle 2013 Latinas of Influence (sorted by first name)

  1. Ana Roca-Castro, CEO of Premier Transmedia
  2. Ana Vergara, President, Classic Glamour Dolls, Inc.
  3. Angelica Gutierrez, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow Management and Organizations
  4. Cecilia Muñoz, Director of the Domestic Policy Council
  5. Connie Perez, CPA, Exec. Board member, California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, California State Lottery Commissioner
  6. Constance Marie, Actress, Community Advocate
  7. Denise M. Zapata, Financial Planner
  8. Eden Espinosa, Singer, Actress
  9. Eva Longoria, Actress, Community Advocate
  10. Fanny Miller, President, El Latino San Diego
  11. Fanny Veliz, Filmmaker, Producer
  12. Gina Linn Espinoza, Founder/CEO Uplatino
  13. Guadalupe Aguirre Onechanh, Executive Board Member/Advisor for the California Unemployment Insurance Council
  14. Helen Iris Torres, Executive Director and CEO, HOPE
  15. Inez Gonzalez, Exec. VP., National Hispanic Media Coalition
  16. Lourdes Colon, Actress/Producer
  17. Lucia Tovar Mathews, CEO at DIÁLOGO
  18. Margarita Florez, KIPP Comienza Community Prep
  19. Mariachi Divas, Entertainers
  20. Martha de la Torre, El Clasificado
  21. Martha Preciado, MD
  22. Melinda Guzman, Attorney
  23. Monica Palacios, Entertainer, Educator
  24. Ofelia Valdez-Yeager, Retired, Community Advocate
  25. Olga Fernandez, Olga’s Underground Furniture
  26. Raquel A. Marquez, Superior Court Judge
  27. Raquel Cordova, Radio Personality
  28. Saskia Sorrosa VP, Marketing, National Basketball Association
  29. Sonia De Leon de Vega, founder and music director, the Santa Cecilia Orchestra
  30. Susan Trigueros, Regional Public Affairs Manager So California Gas Company
  31. Veronica Gutierrez, VP of Local Public Affairs for Southern California Edison

Note: We plan to make this listing an annual event, so please start thinking about 2014 nominations.


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