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HLTV Episode #190 – Housing, Resources and Trains

HLTV Episode #190 – Housing, Resources and Trains

These are the notes and links to episode Hispanic Lifestyle #190.

In this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle, we talk housing, resources and Trains.

We get back to the community in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.


Throughout the nation many communities hold housing fairs that share information on finances, homebuyers opportunities and how to save on monthly expenses. Hispanic Lifestyle attended one such event and spoke with one of the organizers Mr. Robert Monzon on the focus the Montebello housing development corporation.

(Mission Statement)

To educate and assist in the delivery of safe, sanitary, quality and affordable housing to individuals and families of modest financial means.

(Facts and Resources)

Robert went on to share information regarding opportunities and assistance for home buyers.


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Neighbor Housing Services

We asked Jorge if there was a cost associated with their services.

Attending the event for the purpose of educating consumers on how they might save money on their utilities was the Southern California Gas Company’a  Estee Castillo spoke to Hispanic Lifestyle about California’s CARE program.

Supporting the event was California State Senator Kevin de Leon who spoke about the economy and the housing market.

(Constituent Services)


One of the best keep secrets in California is the Orange Empire Railway Museum, located in Perris, California. In this visit we speak with Katie Keys Past President of the Perris Valley Historical Museum who gave us background and insights of the Rods and Rail/ Potato Festival event.

City History

Ms. Keys went on to talk about one of Cities oldest families.

Our visit to the Railway Museum included a conversation with Ken Schwartz their Superintendent of Operations who gave insights into the facility.

Ken went on to talk about the special activities the museum has throughout the year.


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