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HLTV Episode #189 Artist, Exhibit, and Business

HLTV Episode #189 Artist, Exhibit, and Business

Notes and Links to Hispanic Lifestyle episode #hltv5189, Artist, Exhibit and Business.

In this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle, we visit a museum exhibit, talk art and then some business.

Culture and business are the focus of this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.

Carlos Almaraz: A Life Recalled

Hispanic Lifestyle was invited by producer, director Dan Guerrero to visit an art exhibit titled “Carlos Almaraz: A Life Recalled.”  The exhibit is housed at the Vincent Price art Museum located in East Los Angeles.

[flickr_set id="72157631773115696"]

As one of the organizers of the exhibit we ask Dan if he would share with us some insights about his friend Carlos Almaraz.

Our conversation turned to influences and documenting the Chicano experience.

Next we spoke with the director of the Vincent Price Art Museum Ms. Karen Rapp about the facility and their mission.

Having just arrived at the museum was Carlos’s wife Elsa Flores Almaraz who shared her initial thoughts about the exhibit.

Insights of an Artist

Elsa went on to talk about Carlos’s legacy and impact in the Latino community.

Classic Glamour Dolls

Social networking has allow Hispanic Lifestyle to meet many people who share common interests. I believe that is how I first became aware of Classic Glamour Dolls self titled “Boss Lady” Ana Vergara.

[flickr_set id="72157629060715906"]

Her standout personality and concern for the community are just a few of the reasons she is being featured.  In this segment Ana talks about her company.

Our conversation turned to discussing her background and her passion being an entrepreneur.

Giving back and volunteering is major part of Classic Glamour Dolls DNA. Ana went on to talk about just a few their many activities.

Makeup demonstrations and tips featuring the ladies from Classic Glamour Dolls can be found on our website.

EndPak Packaging

Endpak Packaging is owned and operated by two (2) brothers Carlos and Edgar Garcia. Back in 1993 having just lost their jobs, they decided to raise capital to a start business. First we talk with Carlos who describes their industry.

Edgar talks about the companies operations.

Carlos went to give us insights on how Endpak has survived during tough economic times.

Looking forward Edgar and Carlos talked about the future of this family owned business.


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