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HLTV Episode #187 – Healthy Heart Living

HLTV Episode #187 – Healthy Heart Living

Notes and Links to episode HLTV#187.

In this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle, we talk health, and community education. Your heart is our focus, in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.

Also known as the Doctor, Community Partners, the Survivor and the Advocates.

Dr. Martha Preciado

Its hard to do a story about health without sounding . . .  preachy. The experts say that Heart Disease is the number one killer of Latinos. In our first segment we meet Dr. Martha Preciado who has made it her mission in life to educate the community about the importance of living a health lifestyle.  Dr. Preciado spoke with Hispanic Lifestyle about her journey in becoming a doctor.

Education and Training

Medical Education: UCLA School of Medicine

Residency: UCLA Sepulveda VA (IM)

Fellowship:  UCLA Sepulveda VA

Board Certification Cardiology



We asked the Doctor why she chose to practice medicine in the area in which she grew up.

Our conversation ended with a request of what we need to do live a healthier lifestyle.

 Curacao (Koo-rah-sao)

Community partners are key to getting the word out about healthy living. Next we meet the company Curacao and Mr. Teylez Perez who spoke about their involvement and commitment to having a healthier community.

(Community Involvement)

We asked Mr. Perez if he would talk the retailers size and reach in to the Latino community.

Teylez went on to talk about the companies future plans.

Erika Perez

Erika Perez, is a heart attack survivor.  She was 37 and had just given birth 10 days prior to her attack.  Erika spoke with Hispanic Lifestyle about her health background.


Erika went on to describe the day that she had the heart attack.

(Taking Control)

We finished our conversation with Erika talking about how she describes her experience with family and friends.


Leading the way to educated our community on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle is the AmErikan Heart Association. We spoke Ms. Gina Esparza about their outreach into the Latino community and her passion for the job.


Give the population size of the Latino community Gina went on to talk about the challenges of connecting with the people who need the information the most.

(Community Volunteers)

At the end of the day the reason why we get involved is because of a loved one.  Gina shares her motivation to engage our community to get involve.

This video was seen at our  Juntos Con Corazon “Together With Heart”



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