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HLTV Episode #185 – Acting, Festivals and Projects

HLTV Episode #185 – Acting, Festivals and Projects

These are the notes and website links to episode #185 of Hispanic Lifestyle.

In this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle,  we stop by one the oldest Latino film festivals in the nation. And visit with friends at a unique fundraiser.

We talk acting, festivals and projects in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.

San Diego Latino Film Festival

Hispanic Lifestyle was on location at the Kick-off event for the 19th Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival. This was our first visit to the event that was set feature over 170 films. We caught up with actor Jose Yenque who spoke about the festival and gave us an update on his current projects.

(Current Projects)

By my count Jose acted in more that half dozen films in 2011. He went on to share his thoughts on the experience of being committed to his craft and community service.

Ethan Van Thillo

Executive Director & Founder of Media Arts Center San Diego & San Diego Latino Film Festival

Ethan went on to describe the festivals recipe for longterm success.

Also attending the event were Latino entrepreneurs looking to network and introduce new ventures. First we spoke with two enterprising actresses (Mariangelica Cuervo and Linda Elena Tovar) who spoke about how they are helping their fellow actors.

We finished up our visit at the event by speaking with Consul General Ms. Remedios GÓMEZ Arnau who represents the country of Mexico in San Diego about their participation in the Film Festival.


Given the state of the economy and the challenge of finding financials backers for independently produced creative projects,  you have to admire the producers of award winning web series YLSE. They took a different approach in producing their third season, they held a fundraiser and invited colleagues and friends to participate.

We began our evening by talking with actor Nicholas Gonzalez who worked with actress Ruth Livier on the Showtime Classic Resurrection Blvd. Nicholas talked about returning to the neighborhood which served as the backdrop to the series.

[slickr-flickr tag=”ylse12″ type=”gallery” delay=”3″]

One of the major component of the evening was recognizing the success of actor Tony Plana.  Ruth spoke about how she talked with Tony during the development stages of the YLSE.

We went on to talk to with Tony about his latest projects.

Marabina (Jaimes)spoke about how the web has developed into place to showcase your creative projects.

Performing at the event was singer/songwriter, Gustavo Galindo who talk about his Grammy nominated album.

(The Grammy Nomination)

We asked Gustavo his reaction to hearing he had received a Grammy Nomination.

Making her first appearance on Hispanic Lifestyle is author, speaker, entrepreneur. Yasmin Davidds, who shared with us her latest achievement.

Also actors

Alejandro De Hoyos

Richard Romero

Alejandro Cardenas

Sharing her unique story on how she arrived in California to pursue a career in the entertainment industry was Cindy Vela.



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