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HLTV Episode #184 – Advice, Support and Delights

HLTV Episode #184 – Advice, Support and Delights

Notes and links to Hispanic Lifestyle episode #HLTV5184

In this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle We visit with influential Latinas  . . and take a stroll down a remarkable street.

Advice and food receive the spotlight, in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.


During women’s history month several hundred Latinas gathered at the annual Latina History Day Conference produced by Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE). Hispanic Lifestyle spoke with several attendees about their commitment to addressing issues facing Latinas.

We began our visit to the conference by speaking their Chairwoman Dolores Arredondo (Wells Fargo Bank) who spoke with us about the organization, its mission and her vision for HOPE.

(Programs and Focus)

Dolores went on to talk about the membership of the organization and it’s future.

During a session break, we had a chance to chat with a few of the rank and file members of HOPE.

Sylvia Munoz, Human Resources Director, Easter Seals.

Next we spoke with longtime HOPE supporter Cheryl Quintana Leader who talked the inspiration of her film project. The Purepecha:  Poorest of the Poor

Judy Davidds-Wright, Hope Board member.

Councilmember Eric Garcetti stopped by to talked about the Impact Latinas have had on his life.

(About the 13th District)

At the event we bumped into longtime friend Olivia Campos-Bergeron (Director Community Relations) who was a founding member of the organization. Olivia spoke about her background and commitment to giving back to the community.

Attending the event was the former Chief Financial Officer of the Screen Actors Guild and now Latina Entrepreneur Alice Cardenas. She shared advice on how to network and promote yourself at events like these.

(What her company does)

Latina community activist and entrepreneur. Alycia Enciso 


Also attending the conference was Inez Gonzalez Executive Vice President of the National Hispanic Media Coalition who spoke about the importance of supporting fellow Latino organizations.

Latino Network and Women’s Health Forum

We closed out our time at the conference by asking their chairwoman, Dolores about the importance of mentorship and giving back to the community.

* * *

Stroll and Savor

[slickr-flickr tag=”strollsavorweb12″ type=”gallery” delay=”3″]

Hispanic Lifestyle spent an early summer evening walking along Belmont Shore’s 2nd street and visited several restaurants participating in their Stroll & Savor event. Our first stop  . . . George’s Greek Cafe

(What is Greek Food?)

I ask Demitri about the Cafe’s big sellers.

(The Stroll Savor Concept)

Putting Demitri on the spot, we asked him to describe the ultimate George’s Greek Cafe experience.

Anne went on to describe the restaurant’s layout and decor.

We finished up our visit at Simmzy’s with Anne providing insights on how to have great a dinning experience at the restaurant.

La Creperie Cafe

Anthony (Almaz) went on to describe the restaurant’s cuisine.

(On the Menu)

Anthony shared his thoughts how to have a great experience at La Creperie Cafe

Super Mex Restaurants

Manuel went on to talk about the history of restaurant and type of mexican food they feature on their menu.

(Big Sellers)

We finished up our visit with Manuel and Super Mex by asking about their recipe for continued success.


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