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Hispanic Lifestyle Episode #179 – Fashion and Art

Hispanic Lifestyle Episode #179 – Fashion and Art

Notes and links to Hispanic Lifestyle episode #179.

Welcome to Hispanic Lifestyle, I’m your host Richard Sandoval and in this edition: We focus on unique fashion . . .   and the arts.

We experience the business, fashion and art, in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.


Hispanic Lifestyle celebrated fashion’s night out by experiencing the debut of a unique product launch. Starting off we spoke with Germanico Cruz, Zone Vice President with Schurman Retail Group about their new product line.

(Company Background)

Standing out in the retail crowd is a challenge, I asked Mr. Cruz how they continue to meet their customer wants and needs.

We asked Mr. Cruz to talk about his professional background.

Mr. Cruz went on to talk about staying ahead in the ever changing retail fashion business.

Rami Kashou

Fashion designer Rami Kashou spoke with Hispanic Lifestyle about the product line and the inspiration for his designs.

(West Coast vs East Coast)

Featured on the television program Project Runway, Rami spoke about the experience and what it has meant to his career.

(Fashion Trends)

We asked Rami what to expect as we were moments aways from the Fashion presentation.

[slickr-flickr tag=”ocfno11″ type=”gallery” delay=”3″]

Clark Russell

(Hair and Make Up)

We asked Clark to tell us about his salon located in the Bay Area.

(The Future)


Turning the page so to speak we found a book store that met two of our requirements for the evening, fashion and Brazilian theme.

(The Concept)

With books on art and fashion, Ms. Perez spoke about store speciality items.

Last Call

Keeping with our fashion theme, Hispanic Lifestyle was invited out to a grand opening of a new outlet store. Nicolette (Lamont) shares with us the company’s background and concept.

I place Nicolette on the spot by asking about the over the top christmas gifts offered by Neiman Marcus.

(The Designers)

Explaining the outlet concept was their vice president Bill Earnheart.

[slickr-flickr tag=”lcallweb” type=”gallery” delay=”3″]

Artist, George Yepes

Explaining the outlet concept was their vice president Bill Earnheart.

Artist Hector Silva


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