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Hispanic Lifestyle Episode #172 – Real Estate Sources

Hispanic Lifestyle Episode #172 – Real Estate Sources

Notes and links for Hispanic Lifestyle program number HLTV 5172. We talk to the experts about Real Estate Issues, in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.

National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP)

Vice Chair Gerardo “Jerry” Ascencio

With nearly one million Latino families nationwide losing their homes during this financial crisis, Hispanic Lifestyle has chosen to speak with professionals who’s job it is on a daily basis to guide people with the facts on real estate issues.

We first speak with Mr. “Jerry” Ascencio a vice chairman with the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals about the guidelines of the organization.

Not a day goes by where we don’t read about a family that has been taken advantage of by a real estate scheme. We asked Jerry to identify suspicious situations that should get your immediate attention.

Jerry goes on to talk about the impact the housing situation has had on California.

(Foreclosure Myths)

We finish our conversation with Jerry by asking his professional opinion about the future of Latino homeownership.

Carmen Delgado Portfolio Manager

Stewart Asset Recovery

Next we speak with a 16 year veteran in the real estate industry, Carmen Delgado who literally wrote the book on Real Estate Own (REO) properties. We asked Carmen to provide some context about the current real estate crisis in the United States.

Willie Garcia

Keller Williams-Partner

Twenty Year real estate veteran Willie Garcia spoke about the process after a property is foreclosed on and options for homeowners.

Our conversation turned to the legal rights of homeowners and renters during the foreclosure eviction process.

Attorney, Ramiro Flores Munoz

Howett Isaza Law Group LLP

A member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, Ramiro Flores Munoz spoke with Hispanic Lifestyle about his professional experience dealing with the Loan Modification process.

Ramiro went on to talk about the realities of Credit Ratings and Bankruptcy.

We asked Ramiro if bankruptcy was a viable option to keep your House.

Rebecca Castro

Real Estate Professional

Award winning business woman and real estate professional Rebecca Castro shares with Hispanic Lifestyle tips for Home Owners when they start seeking assistance for their distressed properties.

(Building a Team of Professionals)

Rebecca went on to share information about online resources that available for homeowners.

(Final Segment)

We finish this episode by asking our panel of real estate experts to share one last piece of advice with home owners and potential buyers.

Other Links

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The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act and Debt Cancellation,,id=179414,00.html

Terms (REO = Real Estate Owned)


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