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Hispanic Lifestyle Episode #167 | Independent Latinos

Hispanic Lifestyle Episode #167 | Independent Latinos

Show notes and links for Hispanic Lifestyle episode HLTV#167

Welcome to Hispanic Lifestyle, I’m your host Richard Sandoval and in this edition: We talk indie productions . . . Image . . . and talk on the record. Creative professionals are the focus of this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.


Hispanic Lifestyle spent the afternoon at one of our favorite events, the annual convention of the National Association of Latino independent producers. This is the event where talented Latinos gather to promote their latest projects or get their films funded.  A trend at this year’s conference was that many Latino projects are being distributed on the web.

Hispanic Lifestyle spoke with award winning director, writer Dennis Leoni about his involvement at this years NALIP conference.

I asked Dennis why he choose to the distribute Los American over the web?

Right before Dennis stepped away, we asked how was he able to recruit seasoned Latino actors for his project.


A couple years back Hispanic Lifestyle was approached at the conference by filmmaker Carmen Marron.  We spoke with Carmen who was producing her first project under the condition that she come back and tell us how her project ended up.

I wanted to know if there was a financial commitment to enter your work at various films festivals.

Given Carmen’s commitment of resources to her project, I asked how she kept her self motivated over the entire process.

We finished with Carmen by asking what’s next for her professionally.


Mauricio Mendoza and Miguel Torres spoke with Hispanic Lifestyle about the project they were announcing at the NALIP conference.

We asked how they put together their production team for this labor of love project.

The Encounters team spoke about the challenges of getting their project off the ground.

Mauricio spoke about his latest projects in front of the camera.



Cora and Jennifer spoke about their current project and the roles as producers.

J.W. Cortes

We asked JW how he funded his project.


Once again our microphone was taken over by two Latina actresses discussing how often they are mistaken for each other.

(Current Projects)

We asked the pair how they would be contributing to this year’s conference.

I asked if there was a reality tv program in their future?

WEB EXTRA’S Please note these are the uncensored versions of our interviews with the actresses.



I consider comedian, actor, community activist Paul Rodriguez an icon in the world of Latino entertainment. I had the opportunity to sit down with Paul to talk about his one man show “Just for the record” as he spoke frankly about his career in the industry he clearly loves.

Paul talked about the incidents that inspired him to create his one man show?

We finished our conversation with Paul by talking about the highs and lows of being a performer.


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