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Episode 10.7 | RMI International and OCSBDC

Episode 10.7 | RMI International and OCSBDC

In this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle we meet with the owner of RMI International an award winning minority owned business enterprise. We also talk with Leila Mozaffari, the Director of the Orange County Small Business Development Center (SBDC) about the services they offer small business owners.

RMI International, Inc. (RMI) is a leading edge security organization, committed to providing the consistent quality security officer and related services utilized by a wide range of clients as they promote their organization to its variety of stakeholders.  RMI employs a solution based-approach to our clients requirements, and has adapted this concept into successful, long term, service relationships with a wide range of corporate, municipal, and governmental agency customers.

RMI is a privately held, Minority Business Enterprise, and a California-based corporation. Founded in 1996, our mission has been to develop a professional security organization, which provides our clients with consistent quality in security services and our record stands for itself.  We also strive to provide our employees with care, respect and a continual opportunity for personal development in their security career, while growing ourselves as a reputable company with reasonable profits. Our commitment is not limited to timeframes or specific challenges, but is directed to the establishment of a level of confidence and trust that comes from long term relationships with both Clients and Staff Associates.

Second Segment | Orange County SBDC

Leila Mozaffari, the Director of the Orange County SBDC has extensive experience in the field of management consulting. Whether representing a national consulting firm or as an independent consultant, her advice has been sought by major corporations as well as small businesses in a wide range of industries throughout the United States.

One of her specialties is sales and sales management. Over her career, Ms. Mozaffari has coached CEOs, presidents and owners of numerous companies in wide range of industries adopt effective and proven sales and sales management techniques. Her clients credit her with the success they have had in growing their sales. She is a regular speaker on the topic and asked regularly to contribute sales related articles to publications.

Ms. Mozaffari is active in the community and serves on many boards including the Board of Directors of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Orange County and its Education Foundation, Advisory Board of the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County and Corporate Advisory Board of Asian Business Association of Orange County and the Orange County President’s Council.


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