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Hispanic Lifestyle Broadcasting in Houston KTBU Digital TV Channel 55.4

Hispanic Lifestyle the weekly television program promoting positive Images of the Latino Community is now part of Mi Casa Broadcasting family as they make launch a new channel in the Houston, Texas area.

The new 24/7 broadcast on Houston Digital Television 55.4 is backed by the 57 year old leading Houston based fiber optic giant, “Phonoscope”.  The channel launches over t

Mi Casa Broadcasting

he AIR in Houston running back to back programming in January 2011.  The broadcast company aims to enrich American Latino viewers on the amazing talent that promises to inspire across the global audience in LATAM.

Delivered in English, the programs range from comedy puppet shows and youth education to cage fighting and even arena football.  “MCB Network” is an incredible informational resource of history on American born culture and designed to create a heroic image.

“MCB Network” strategically captures the Houston, TX audience as it expands its 2.5 million viewer reach in South East Texas. Here viewers can re-discover a sense of pride, an excellent new look at pop-culture featuring high-end modern day pilots, comedies, reality shows, music videos, and feature length films, calling it a gateway for established talent to serve up an experimental style of breakthrough broadcast television from building strong relationships in the industry, a TV network that exemplifies the American dream.

“Mi Casa Broadcasting (MCB Network)” is broadcast on Houston’s KTBU on DTV 55.4 and Phonoscope Cable in the United States, covering over a dozen surrounding counties. Topics covered at the network will also be to interact with audience to develop original series and editorial content to build a brand that gives power to the people, in English language featuring over 17 Latin American cultures.  In addition to “MCB Network” ( and Phonoscope Cable (, will also be distributing across a mobile and broadband platforms in


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