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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Diversity in the Workforce

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Diversity in the Workforce

Waste Management

Waste Management engaging the Latino Community

As we continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Hispanic Lifestyle is recognizing a business that embraces diversity in its employee workforce while also promoting conservation and recycling in the Latino Community.

Waste Management is the nation’s leading environmental solutions provider and through its diverse employee workforce, they work daily to enhance the quality of life in the communities they serve. One of their focuses is to protect the environment around us by providing vital waste and recycling services.

Celebrating diversity in the workforce

The company employs a highly diverse workforce serving one of the most diverse regions of the country. Waste Management mentioned that a large portion of the 3,000 employees are Hispanic/Latino. In 2015, Jesus Santos, a driver in their Southern California service territory was named Large Residential Driver of the Year by the National Waste and Recycling Association.

Waste Management has continually focused community engagement using its diverse team members to promote waste and recycling services in a manner that is safe, efficient and environmentally responsible.

Using social media to promote recycling

In addition to participating at community events, Waste Management has also been using social media to promote recycling in the Spanish speaking community. Their videos offer practical tips for making recycling easier and more productive at home by inviting all family members to participate.

Check in with us tomorrow, as we highlight medical center that translated medical articles to bring about awareness to health issues facing Latinos.


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