Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Dec. 15, 2022 – The Southwest Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SWHCC) was formed earlier this year and is announcing its official launch. Serving the San Bernardino, Riverside counties, and the San Gabriel Valley, the key areas of focus will be Tourism, Entertainment, and Innovation in Technology. SWHCC is an active member of the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (CAHCC) and will partner with other Inland Empire Chambers and Associations to further engage and support Hispanic-owned businesses and Entrepreneurs.

The SWHCC leadership team has over 40 years of Chamber of Commerce experience. The Board Chairman, Richard Sandoval, a current CAHCC Board Member, is an active partner with other local Chambers throughout the state of California. Sandoval has spent over 25 years highlighting the achievements of the Latino Business and professional community through his digital media and event production company, Hispanic Lifestyle. Additional Executive Board Members will be introduced in the New Year.

Tiffany Ente, SWHCC President & CEO

At the helm of the SWHCC, is a dynamic leader who has experience as an Executive Director, and small business owner, and has worked extensively in the music industry, corporate finance, and the non-profit sector. Tiffany Ente will serve as the SWHCC President and CEO, cultivating tangible resources and meaningful partnerships in the areas we serve.  She began her career at the age of 23 in local politics, working on various campaigns throughout the Central Valley and the South Bay Area. She became an organizer in the labor movement and moved to the non-profit sector, advocating for affordable health care and living wages for working families. She transitioned to New York City to attend school and worked in corporate finance for several years before starting her own management firm in the music industry. After 12 years of a successful career, she relocated to Salt Lake City, UT to lead another pivotal non-profit as an Executive Director, connecting diverse communities to available resources through entertainment, policy, and advocacy.

“Throughout my career, I have thrived not only through my own passion to serve my community, but because of my roots and my own parent’s work ethic in the fields of the Central Valley and always advocating for what was right. I have also had many women and mentors, create a space for me by opening doors of opportunity. It is our responsibility and privilege to continue this work and I couldn’t think of a better place to be and more critical work to move forward.”  Tiffany Ente, SWHCC President & CEO

Please visit www.swhcc.org for more information and join the Southwest Hispanic Chamber of Commerce for their welcome event in January 2023.