Hispanic Lifestyle Announces Plans for 2023/2024

Described by our colleagues as a trusted voice in the community, Hispanic Lifestyle’s mission is to produce quality programing that respects our community’s values and celebrates family. Everyday the goal is to continue to increase our audience by portraying the Latino community with dignity and respect.

Last year we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Hispanic Lifestyle magazine’s debut and today we look forward to working with you as we begin our next chapter.

NEXT Chapter
Our platform HispanicLifestyle.com has been upgraded and we will produce our conferences in various communities around the United States. Our goal is to capture the stories, the passions of community leaders, Latinas of Influences and business owners surviving to thrive.

Hispanic Lifestyle Designed To Connect Communities

Financial education for consumers and business owners is the focus of our original programing for the next several months. Our viewers/followers have indicated building wealth, managing finances, health and wellness topics are top priorities in their lifestyle. Accessing relevant content in-person and online are critical components to their lifestyle choice of how they consume information.

To that end, Hispanic Lifestyle’s in-person productions will have an online streaming component. This will provide an opportunity to reach a larger audience beyond a single location. Our viewers value inspiring stories that connect communities. Segments of our events will be featured on our television program, Hispanic Lifestyle which currently broadcasts on Southern California PBS stations.

Our 365 day approach to sharing content goes beyond Hispanic Heritage month and Cinco de mayo celebrations. Hispanics represent almost 20% of the U.S. population, with a spending power approaching 2.6 trillion dollars.

For your reference Hispanic Lifestyle’s 2023/2024 working production schedule is listed below.

In-Person Events

  • September 2023 | Networking Reception – Celebrating 10 Years of Hispanic Lifestyle’s Latinas of Influence listing. Location: Los Angeles Area
  • Beginning October 2023 | Connecting Latinas of Influence Event Series- 10 events spanning 2 years. Location(s): Regions targeted include – Dallas, Chicago, New York, Bay Area, New Mexico, Miami, Las Vegas, Detroit and Denver.
  • November 2023 | 8th Annual Women Business Wellness Conference – Temecula Valley, CA

Online Productions
On the platform HispanicLifestyle.com we stream High Definition and 4k original video programing, post original content and feature past productions of our events as resources for business professionals.

Our 2023/2024 video lineup of online exclusive productions include;

  • Hispanic Lifestyle | Latinas of Influence
  • Career, Jobs and Opportunities – Limited series
  • Home Ownership • Building Wealth – BiAnnual series
  • The Future of Small Business Banking – A three part series
  • The Business of Surviving to Thrive Series – Eight Installments Series
  • The Re-Introduction of Hispanic Business Update


HispanicLifestyle.com is our main platform. Regional content is posted on our sister website InlandValleyliving.com, and we are in the process re-imagining our business to business website inthemarketplace.biz

Target Audience
Our core audience is comprised of U.S. Hispanic females between the ages of 24-54. The majority of Hispanic Lifestyle’s viewers are considered community leaders, business owners and professionals. According various metrics services over 70% of Hispanic Lifestyle’s audience identify as female.

Hispanic Lifestyle is an innovator. During the shutdown we expanded our reach to U.S. Hispanic consumers. We established quality streaming programing to an audience that embraces technology and appreciates being connected to communities activities.

Monthly when you combine social media postings and our websites, Hispanic Lifestyle has over half a million national digital impressions.

Hispanic Lifestyle has a 365 day approach to sharing content with viewers. We engage with our audience daily through social media postings. Original video programing is posted bi-weekly and bi-monthly with our digital magazine delivered via email. Hispanic Lifestyle on PBS broadcasts weekly*. * Includes encore broadcasts.

Advertising Inventory
Hispanic Lifestyle provides several opportunities to connect and engage with our audience. Online display advertising placement is available on our website(s) and digital magazine delivered via email. Video messages, commercials spots on our online productions and underwriting messages on PBS program. Speaking/presenting opportunities are available at our in-person events.

Hispanic Lifestyle is prepared to forward a detail custom proposal based on your messaging requirements. For budget purposes digital display advertising on our website HispanicLifestyle.com begin at $3,500. Sponsorship of Hispanic Lifestyle’s exclusive online videos productions begin at $5,000. In-Person event sponsorships start at $15,000. Underwriting levels of Hispanic Lifestyle Series on PBS starts @ $49,000.

All prices referenced are net to Hispanic Lifestyle. Annual and Multi activity discounts are available.

Hispanic Lifestyle’s Value Proposition
Our next chapter will focus on in-person events and streaming quality “4k” original programing produced to connect with U.S. Hispanics. As a leader in Hispanic media marketplace for over 25 years, Hispanic Lifestyle invites you to connect and engage directly with our audience at a national, regional and local level by sponsoring our activities.

The keyword is value. You value and respect Latino consumers. U.S. Hispanics value quality. We look forward to presenting a proposal that allows you the opportunity to share your value with our community.

For more details, send me a note @ RDS@HispanicLifestyle.Com