Latina Conference 2020 "Connecting Latinas of Influence"

June 17, 2020 | Everywhere

Addressing the restrictions that limit the size of group gatherings in public and private settings for the foreseeable future. Hispanic Lifestyle is pleased to announce that Latina Conference 2020 will be transformed into a digital experience that will be distributed through our online partners. We examined several possibilities and concluded that Latina Conference 2020 “Connecting Latinas of Influence” a digital Experience tentatively scheduled for June 17, 2020 will combine several necessary ingredients required for a successful online event. 

Hispanic Lifestyle’s 2020 Latinas of Influence will be our “featured” presenters. Their insightful message will impact and inspire an online audience that will far exceed the limitations of a conference center located in Southern California. The most important factor of Latina Conference 2020 “Connecting Latinas of Influence” is that the presentation will be delivered in a safe and secure environment.

Hispanic Lifestyle’s Online Media Network includes the websites, InlandValleyLiving.Com, InTheMarketPlace.Biz and WeAreMenifee.Com

Our social media network includes pages on the follow sites:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  Youtube Channels include, Hispanic Lifestyle, InlandValleyLiving, WeAreMenifee.Com and


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a digital Experience

Creating a digital online event experience is not new for Hispanic Lifestyle. We have been producing and posting quality digital content since 2004. Currently our estimated weekly reach is 250k business owners and professionals throughout the United States. Annually Hispanic Lifestyle has approximately 13 million online impressions when you combine our email newsletter, social media postings and visits to our websites.


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Latina Conference 2020 ‘Connecting  Latinas of Influence’’ • Schedule Will Be Updated

June 17, 2020

10:00 am
Richard Sandoval, president of Hispanic Lifestyle layouts the concept of Latina Conference 2020, Connecting Latinas of Influence.
10:20 am
We are proud to share with our friends and colleagues Hispanic Lifestyle’s 2020 LATINAS OF INFLUENCE listing.  We are humbled to share with our friends the inspiring stories and profiles of Latinas making a difference in our communities.


Our Speaker Listing and topics will be updated.

Cooking, Finance, Health
Cooking, Finance, Health
Latinas of Influence
Latinas of Influence
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Business, Community, Education, and Entertainment
Business, Community, Education, and Entertainment
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This is an unique opportunity to CONNECT with Latinas of Influence from throughout the United States.