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Summer Gear 2017

I just finished celebrating Father’s Day. This has been the first real time off I had off in...

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Educating Families About Healthy Nutrition

Health Net Works with Goya Foods to Educate Families About Healthy Nutrition Health Net, in partnership with Goya Foods, is working to promote healthy eating habits for families. At a recent community nutrition workshop at...

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Travel | Halloween Time at Disneyland Resorts

Disneyland Resort Halloween Time 2013 marks the ominous 13th time that Jack Skellington has visited the 999 Happy Haunts who dwell in the Haunted Mansion.  Each year, Jack dresses up as “Sandy Claws” as he and his ghost dog Zero...

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People | Chef Lizette

Lizette López De Arriaga is founder of CHEF LIZETTE, an all encompassing brand promoting living a healthy and happy lifestyle using food as the catalyst. With 22 years feeding the public … Chef Lizette has cooked and...

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Viva Bordeaux, a new online recipe guide

Viva Bordeaux, a new online recipe guide created by the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (the Bordeaux Wine Council) and chef/TV personality Doreen Colondres, which showcases the natural and delicious union of Latin...

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HLTV Episode #198 – A Taste for Adventure

These are the notes and links to Hispanic Lifestyle episode #198 titled  “A Taste for Adventure” In this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle, we experience a world premiere, take a trip to Napa Valley and visit with a DJ....

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